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 With asphalt shingles the most common damage comes with age. As the shingle ages it becomes brittle and starts to ‘bald’ as the granular surface starts to wear off. Look closely for bald spots and warping. If you see the shingles curling up it is time to replace the shingles.

 Shingle roofs will typically last about 20 years in Florida depending on the climate. Inspect your roofing for signs of dry rot or warping. Generally if over one third of the roof is showing signs of damage it’s time to replace it.

Uniform Granule Loss

  1.  Long-term, uniform granule loss is not considered functional damage by insurance companies. It’s considered part of the natural aging process, unless the shingles appear to be failing prematurely. The rate at which shingles lose granules depends on the quality of the shingles and the climate zone of the home on which they’re installed.
  2.  Granule loss which is uniform across the roof is usually a result of normal weathering. Over time, the bond between the granules and asphalt deteriorates, and granules will be loosened and carried away by runoff.
  3.  Prolonged exposure to hail can also loosen granules. With older roofs, even marble-size hail may loosen granules.
  4.  Premature failure of the bond between the granules and asphalt can be caused by poor-quality asphalt. It can also be caused by other conditions.

 Asphalt roof shingles are designed to last from 15-25 years depending on the type. Under normal circumstances they do achieve their anticipated life, although there are some common factors that can cause a roof to fail earlier.

We also inspect the attic if needed:

  •  Look for signs of water damage and leaking.
  •  Look for dark spots and trails.
  •  Look for signs of outside light.

We also inspect the exterior of your roof:

  •  Look for damaged or missing shingles.
  •  Look for excessive amounts of shingle grain in the gutters.
  •  Look for signs of moss build up Splits: Shingles that are split or cracked can be signs that more than just shingle damage is taking place. Improper attic ventilation can be the culprit behind cracked and broken shingles. Be sure your roofing inspector checks attic ventilation when inspecting your roofing system. 
  • Composition Shingles: curling, loss of granulation, broken, damaged or missing shingles
  • Flashing: tears, buckling around roof penetrations
  •  Roofing Cement: excess cement, crumbling    Soffits and Fascia: decay, stains
  • Soffit & Ridge Vents: clogged or damaged vents, flashing and shingles around them curling or missing shingle tabs

Shingle Roof inspections in Pinellas FL.
 James Dunn is a Florida State certified and insured roofing contractor, residential contractor and Florida state certified home inspector with many years of experience in shingle roof nspections.


 As a licensed and fully insured Pinellas roof inspection company, James Dunn offers competent and reliable roof inspection service.

 As a licensed and fully insured Pinellas roof inspection company, James Dunn offers competent and reliable roof inspection service. James Dunn preforms roof inspections and Citizens Roof Certification inspections in St. Petersburg and all of Pinellas County Fl. Roof Condition Certification inspections or proof of roof replacement upon renewal for homes of certain ages. In order to pass the Roof Condition Certification, the roof must not leak, and must have at least 3 or 5 years of useful life remaining.
 The Insurance company will typically require that the inspections be performed by licensed roofing contractor or other qualified inspector.

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